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Holy Cow! It's a cow! Prep School Senior Prank runs the streets of Chicago Suburb.

A case of Senioritis results in crazy police chase of a cow in a Chicago suburb. The incident occurred in Niles, Illinois, a neighborhood full of cars, long sidewalks and brick houses.  Farming and Livestock is not a common scene around these parts and people did a double take to make sure they were not seeing things. Some Northridge Preparatory School students decided to purchase live animals from Craigslist and brought them to school. They stored them in a make shift animal pen in front of the school where the cow jumped the fence and escaped. 

Professional Livestock handlers were called to capture the cow. Several people were chasing trying to corner it in a residential backyard. Live video was shot from helicopters and on the ground showing the cow's safe return. According to ABC news Chicago, no one was injured and the cow is at a sanctuary in Illinois. 

The students involved were issued citations and will have to appear in court for ordinance violations of Niles. Abc7Chicago news for full video.

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