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Japanese Tourism sees increase
AI jobs see a huge surge in employment
Anchor 3 Unexpected rebound

Total Eclipse of the Heart in the Midwest. 

April 2, 2024

by Kryssia Quesada Creet  Source: Indy Star, Time Magazine

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Parties are underway at many bars and restaurants for the big event of the Total Eclipse which will occur April 8, 2024.  From Racetracks to Planetariums, people are flocking to these areas for a glimpse of the Eclipse. 

According to Time Magazine, some people are traveling thousands of miles for this rare event only to see the solar eclipse for three to four minutes. "The eclipse will cross through North America, passing over parts of Mexico, the United States, and Canada. 

It will enter the United States in Texas, and travel through Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. Small parts of Tennessee and Michigan will also experience the total solar eclipse."

But it will be worth the trip as there will be other festivals to entertain you while you wait.  Activities include: beer gardens, food trucks, and live music. There will be small bands to orchestras playing Star Wars theme songs. Also, some museums are opening their doors allowing the use of high end telescopes for viewing.  They also offer science projects, Lego building and even guest speakers from NASA.  Other event hosts are offering unique activities such as DJs, fire performers, and dancing.  Special brew beers are being named for the event such as Sun King, or Path of Totality.  Moon Pie eating contests are being held.  Many events will have an entrance fee of $25 per vehicle. Some are charging $300 for special suites at the Indiana Motor Speedway. 


So if you are lucky enough to be near the path way of the Eclipse, you should take advantage and see this rare event. 

drone craft.png

Costa Rica to carry Tourists in Drone Aircraft, First of it's Kind in Latin America.

March 22, 2024

by Kryssia Quesada Creet  Source: Tico Times and BlueNest Press Release

A much needed Aircraft will be flying around Costa Rica's beaches, utilizing its new eco safe technology. The BlueNest Drone is able to transport tourists across golf courses, travel from the Caribbean Coast to the Pacific Coast to remote areas of the Rain Forest supplying medical services. The drones will be used for Recreation Tourist Travel and for Emergencies. The Term for these Drones is called eVTOLs (Electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing).

According to the Tico Times, "The companies mentioned that those benefits include zero emissions of CO2 and other particulates, reducing pollution as it is an eco-sustainable transport system, low noise levels and turbulence, connectivity and socio-economic development in rural and mountainous areas, islands or coastal zones, and reduction of traffic density without the need to deploy costly ground infrastructure; and versatility."

According to the BlueNest Website Press Release, "This milestone makes Costa Rica the pioneer country in Latin America in terms of advanced air mobility. It is the first step of a more ambitious and common objective: promoting sustainability and innovation in Costa Rica, guaranteeing a better quality of life and well-being for its citizens through the potential and advantages that eVTOLs can bring to mobility.

 News Source: Tico Times and Blue Nest


Russia's Putin says he has Vaccines for Certain Cancers available soon for Patients.

March 18, 2024

by Kryssia Quesada Creet  Source: Reuters

According to various news reports, Russian President Vladimir Putin said his scientists are very close to finding a vaccine for some cancers during his speech February 2024.  He said, "We have come very close to the creation of so-called cancer vaccines and immunomodulatory drugs of a new generation."


USA also have vaccines ready for certain cancers. The Vaccines will train the immune system to recognize and attack cancer cells, shrink the tumors and keep it from coming back. This would be the decade of vaccines and should be available in five years to patients. Some of the cancers for vaccinations would include pancreas, breast, ovary, lung, and colon. 


News Source AP NEWS and Reuters. 

Flowers Galore coming to USA.  About 460 million Flowers ordered for Valentine's Day! 

February 13, 2024

by Kryssia Quesada Creet  Source: AP News

Flowers for Sale_edited.jpg

Valentine's Day is a busy time for Love ones, business and US Customs office. 

According to AP News---"Agriculture specialists had processed about 832 million stems of cut flowers, inspected 75,000 cut flower sample boxes, and intercepted 1,100 plant pests.  During the same time last year, specialists processed more than 861 million stems of flowers, resulting in 932 plant pest interceptions."

U.S Customs and Border Patrol have their work cut out for them, (no pun intended). This makes the job more intense when flowers are imported from South America to the US. Many flowers that enter the USA have to go through extensive inspections.  Processing flowers from international pests, disease brings an extra workload for Miami International airport.  Inspectors have to look for potential animals, bugs, disease that may enter the country and harm other plant life in USA. 


So, if you are getting a beautiful bouquet of flowers, remember a lot of Love went into it.  

Mixer Keys

AI Generated Robo Calls used for scams and exploiting people is now against the Law in USA.

February 8, 2024


According to AP NEWS:  "The Federal Communications Commission on Thursday outlawed robocalls that contain voices generated by artificial intelligence, a decision that sends a clear message that exploiting the technology to scam people and mislead voters won’t be tolerated.

The unanimous ruling targets robocalls made with AI voice-cloning tools under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, a 1991 law restricting junk calls that use artificial and prerecorded voice messages.

The announcement comes as New Hampshire authorities are advancing their investigation into AI-generated robocalls that mimicked President Joe Biden’s voice to discourage people from voting in the state’s first-in-the-nation primary last month."

Cicadas are Coming Back Home and it's Going to be Loud! 

January 24, 2024

by Kryssia Quesada Creet  Source: Fox Chicago

Image by Ellicia

It turns out we are in for a rare event this year as two different batches or broods of Cicadas will mate, eat and live in the Midwest and East Coast totaling about 1 billion or more this year.  Usually, this region experiences cicadas in late summer every year, but this year, we will have two 17 year and 13 year broods emerging at the same time.


These Cicadas come out of hibernation every 17 to 13 years. One is called Brood 17 which will be concentrated in Northern Illinois and Brood 19 will be in the Southern part of Illinois and the surrounding areas.  

The last time these two Broods emerged at the same time was in 1803. People from around the world may come to see these amazing insects and feel the crunch under their shoes. But it is part of nature and it will be a unique and rare sight and sound. 

Interior of Pharmacy

Mexico invests in massive Pharmaceutical Warehouse to fulfill future prescriptions for the country.

January 2, 2024

by Kryssia Quesada Creet  AP News Source

Many patients in Mexico faced difficulties in getting the medicines they needed in 2022, as around 12.5 million prescriptions were not filled. To solve this problem, the president of Mexico opened a massive “super pharmacy” on Friday. The aim was to provide a single source of medicines for all the hospitals in the country, which often ran out of certain drugs.


The super pharmacy was located in a large warehouse near Mexico City, with a size of 40,000 square meters (430,000 square feet). It had a stock of various medicines that could be requested by any pharmacist in the country.


The drugs would be delivered by the state-owned pharmaceutical company Birmex, either by land or by air. The president promised that the delivery time would be “within 24 to 48 hours”.

Santa Pub Crawls happening around the USA brings Cheer, Laughs and Beer! Let the Festivities Begin.

December 12, 2023  

by Kryssia Quesada Creet  

a santa c group onlyhappythings 1212 smaller.png

Santas Pub Crawl is happening around the USA.  Reno Nevada has about 20,000 people dressed up in fun Santa Claus outfits walking around the strip.  These Santas will be Celebrating with Festive Cocktails, throwing snowballs, singing and crashing parties.  The idea began in Europe and came to the States in the 70s and has now become a festive and fun tradition. 

Some Santa crawls offer 150 different kinds of beers, free hot coco, free entry to local bars and plenty of holiday drinks --making spirits bright! Some cities supply warming stations set up with a real camp fire where you can toast marshmallows and smores.  

blue-angels-only happy things.jpg

IKEA offers special discount for Veterans with Valid Id. Other businesses participate in discounts for Veterans. 

November 9, 2023  

 by Kryssia Quesada Creet  

 Veteran's Day is here and many Stores and shops are offering discounts to Veterans in appreciation of their service.  Some of the major stores include free breakfast, discounts and other special offers. 


Denny's Restaurant is offering a free Original Gran Slam breakfast with valid ID from 5a.m until noon. Dine In only.

Krispy Kreme get a free doughnut and coffee at participating locations Veterans.  Under Armour also giving 40% off for Veterans and their families. Kohl's is offering 30% off qualifying in-store purchases from November 10-12. Valid ID required.

For full list 

NASA creates Comic Book and
interactive app of the fictional character, Callie Rodriguez. First Woman to explore the Moon.

November 1, 2023  News Source: NASA

excerpt by Kryssia Quesada Creet  

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First Woman, is a new comic book that hopes to build awareness on the challenges and adventures of NASA space exploration. Fictional character, Callie Rodriquez, is the first woman to ever explore the moon.  Issue 2 came out and continues where it left off from the first Issue. 

The story depicts the tale of space adventures and shows the use of real life technologies.  NASA online, "Callie and her robot sidekick, RT, overcome setbacks, disappointment, and tragedy along the way." First Woman has comic book illustrations with a hint of manga eye and anime style. You can join Callie's journey to the moon by downloading the app.  Also available on YouTube.

news feed nasa book.png

August 17, 2023  News Source: Forbes 

excerpt by Kryssia Quesada Creet  

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According to Forbes article, LinkedIn has released a report that states the share of global English-language job postings on the platform mentioning GPT or ChatGPT has increased 21 times since November 2022, when OpenAI first released its AI chatbot into the world.


The report also mentions that newer job titles include chief AI officer, AI engineer, head of AI, AI specialist, AI advisor and AI data scientist. The number of U.S. companies with a head of AI has nearly tripled in the last five years, according to LinkedIn’s report. Other job sites are also seeing a boom in AI-related jobs.

Now we just used the Bing Chat GPT Ai to generate this article that you just read. We asked them to paraphrase the Forbes article and this is what they produced. Not bad.

June 1, 2023  News Source: The Japan Times

written by Kryssia Quesada Creet  

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Small Street in Japan

Japan sees an increase in foreign tourism entries more than 1.9 million since 2020 according to Japan National Tourism Organization.  Several factors contributed to the increase in tourism include, weaker yen for affordable travel, cherry blossom season, more available flights to Asia, and summer holiday season begins.

In addition, Japan recently lifted its ban on Covid 19 restrictions requiring proof of vaccination certificates, booster shots, and negative corona virus tests 72 hours prior to flight.  Hotels and residential stays will see a great boom in business and tourists.

Modern Office

May 6, 2023  News Source: Forbes  

Written by Kryssia Quesada Creet  

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The US Labor Department reported on Friday an increase in jobs by 253,000 in April.  Economists predicted 180,000 jobs, so the new job report was a positive surprise.  

Forbes reported,  "The unemployment rate, meanwhile, ticked down to 3.4% from 3.5% in March—matching a 54-year low hit in January and defying projections it would tick up to 3.6%."  

Wage growth also came in stronger than forecast, coming in at 4.4% year over year, versus projections of 4.2%, as hourly earnings rose 16 cents to $33.36.  Hopefully, this trend will continue. 

A case of Senioritis results in crazy police chase of a cow in a Chicago suburb. The incident occurred in Niles, Illinois, a neighborhood full of cars, long sidewalks, and brick houses.  Farming and Livestock is not a common scene around these parts and people did a double take to make sure they were not seeing things. Some Northridge Preparatory School students decided to purchase live animals from Craigslist and brought them to school. They stored them in a makeshift animal pen where the cow jumped the fence and escaped. 


Professional Livestock handlers were called to capture the cow. Several people were chasing it trying to corner it in a residential backyard. Live video was shot from helicopters and on the ground showing the cow's safe return. According to ABC news Chicago, no one was injured, and the cow is at a sanctuary in Illinois. 


The students involved were issued citations and will have to appear in court for ordinance violations of the city.  Abc7Chicago news for full video. 

Holy Cow--it's a Cow!! Prep School Senior Prank runs the streets of Chicago Suburb.

holy cow wgn pic _edited.jpg

April 27, 2023  News Source:  Screenshot from abc7chicago and WBBM newradio Roger Plummer. 

written by Kryssia Quesada Creet  

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monet article ai wei cnn pic_edited.jpg

April 22, 2023  News Source: CNN 

written by Kryssia Quesada Creet  

New Art Exhibit loves Legos and Monet.

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A new exhibit will debut in April at the Design Museum in London titled Water Lilies #1 by Chinese Artist Ai WeiWei   His creation is a rendition of Claude Monet’s water lilies painting—his medium? Legos.  All 650,000 brick style legos in 22 different colors nearly 50 foot wide.

In his artwork, Ai adds a piece of his past depicted in dark legos on the far right side of the his piece.  It represents his childhood in exile during the 1960s, to an underground dugout where he lived with his father.

antisemitism onlyhappythings pic.png

Antisemitism campaign backed by Patriots NFL owner.

March 29, 2023  News Source: CBS news photo screenshot 

written by Kryssia Quesada Creet  

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25 millions dollars is donated for antisemitism campaigned funded by the New England Patriots owner, Robert Kraft this week.  According to a CBS report, antisemitism incidents have risen in 2022—an all time high. Reports have indicated that USA has never seen this level of antisemitism before. 


Robert Kraft was on CBS news stating his encounter with antisemitic abuse as a young adult in high school.  He said, “It came very close to becoming a physical fight and we were both held back, but I wound up making a friend to that guy. You can make friends of your enemies by dialogue and education.”  The campaign will consist of a blue emoji that supports the #Standup to Jewish Hate allowing anyone to identify their support.  

March 14, 2023  News Source: The Philadelphia Inquirer

written by Kryssia Quesada Creet  Photo by Tyger Williams 

Lowes In Philadelphia uses Robot security machine at it's stores.

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Robot pic phildelphia inquierer.jpg

These 5 foot tall R2D2 looking bots are the newest technology to hit the retail store’s parking lot in the hope to assist its security surveillance at Lowe's stores across Philadelphia.  They look like a mix of Star Wars R2D2 and Humpty Dumpty.  But instead of characters from a movie and fairy tales, they are here in the real world gliding at a store near you, or soon to be. 

Knightscope is the manufacturer of these security robots which is an American security robotics company headquartered in Mountain View, California.  According to an article from The Philadelphia Inquirer,  “Lowe’s Knightscope K5 robot takes 360-degrees of HD video and is able to deliver messages, spot fires, and detect people."  The K5 robot uses 16 microphones and a range of sensors, including lidar and sonar, to detect anomalies and report them in real-time to Lowe’s central monitoring team.  Original article from The Philadelphia Inquirer

Car Mechanic

Company in Japan opens first auto parts facility in Guatemala.

February 16, 2023  News Source: JapanToday

excerpt by Kryssia Quesada Creet

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A Japanese company built an auto parts plant in Guatemala as part of an appeal initiated by the US Government to boost the local economy in the Central American region.  


It will be one of many future investments made by foreign countries abroad in Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. 


The new facility will provide approximately 1,000 jobs in the San Marcos area of Guatemala.  Yazaki North America, Inc. makes automotive wiring harnesses.  (Japan Today).

Historic Black Churches Receives multi million dollar Preservation Grant

February 2023  News Source: 

excerpt by Kryssia Quesada Creet

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Praying In a Church

A Historic Black Churches received grants across America as part of an effort to restore historic black congregations. Many of these churches' roofs, floors and walls deteriorated during the pandemic and now need replacing. 


The restoration projects were initiated by the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s African American Cultural Heritage Action Fund. The donation by Lilly Endowment Inc. supports the historical cause.  


Some board members on the action fund's council highlighted the importance of the restoration of Black Churches because it would also preserve Black History.  As history explains, many black churches housed gatherings for the civil rights era, and was a common meeting place for educational, cultural advancement.  (Resources:  NBC, WGN, Lilly Endowment Inc. )

Toronto Ice Sculpture Fest featuring South Asian Ice designs.

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February 2023  News Source: Gerrard India Baz

excerpt by Kryssia Quesada Creet

ice sculpture gindiabaz_edited.jpg

The Ice fest begins this months in Toronto and marks the first of its kind. featuring 22 Ice sculptures. It combines art, technology and South Asian culture.

"It's made of more than thirty three thousand pounds of ice. And it was constructed in more than 90 hours," said Tasneem Bandukwala, Executive Director of @GerrardIndiaBaz  a business Development center. 


The use of CNC Technology carved these ice sculptures using artist's designs which enter the computer system. 

People are able to walk the streets and be greeted by these wonderful art creations. #icesculptures 

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