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Costa Rica

How to Experience
Costa Rica the Right Way! 2023 

By Kryssia Quesada Creet  2023

What does it mean to go on a vacation? Does it mean to relax on the beach, tan by the pool all day everyday? Although that sounds ideal, many vacationers these days are driving, hiking, boating, flying to experience something new and amazing. It is wonderful to park ourselves at the beach for a week or two; however, when traveling to Costa Rica, please take advantage of the one of the most impressive ecological sites in the world. Especially, if you are going to a small country where paradise is your playground.  You must try something new such as staying at a cabin in the rainforest, hike near a volcano, or watch real life Macaw parrots fly across blue skies. 

You can see all of this if you prepare the logistics ahead of time in order to get the most out of your trip. Also, how many other countries can you visit where you can wake up and see the sun rise in the Caribbean and drink cocktails watching the sun set in the Pacific?  Pace your visit for a week or two the right way. And the best part is, you still can get your beach time and relax.  Here's how: I created an estimated 10 day itinerary for your enjoyment.   It does depend on your form of transportation. We recommend taking a small charter plane from Caribbean to Arenal Volcano region. It is affordable Nature Air is recommended.

Disclaimer:  The information given is provided for any reader seeking travel information. is not responsible for any risk which can occur to the traveler.  Travel at your own risk. The information gathered is a collection of data and it is true and accurate according to real travel experience.  

1. Arrive in San Jose Costa Rica 

If you are landing at Juan Santamaria Airport, you will be landing in San Jose. Depending on the time of your arrival, you may have time to explore some of the city museums and vendor markets. Plus you may need to get settled or rent your car before you do the hard core travel. I like the Costa Rica Marriott Hotel Hacienda Belen because it is a short distance from the airport. The Spanish style courtyard makes for a perfect backdrop for those travel posts. 

Day 1-- One night stay

onlyhappythings photo Marriott Costa Ric

Photo taken at Costa Rica Marriott Hotel Hacienda Belen by Kryssia Quesada Creet

2. Begin in the Caribbean and end in the Pacific.

Drive, Rent a Car, take the Interbus or small plane, but somehow; you need to get to the Cajuita, Manzanilla Caribbean beach region. Why? Because you must experience Eco Tourism.  It is by far one of the most amazing natural experiences you will feel, hear and see. How often do you get to sleep in an authentic rainforest hut, fall asleep to the quiet rain and wake up to the sound of exotic birds. Your chances of seeing sloths and Monkeys in their natural habitat are ninety percent. 

 Ananzia Bungalows 

Day 2 -- two nights stay

Anaznia Bugalow Costa RicaIMG_2026_edited.jpg

Photo taken at Ananzia Bungalows 

3. Drive towards Manuel Antonio area to Uvita Beaches

The Uvita beach area is really impressive, and it is not as populated. Drive along the coast and stop from beach to beach and make sure to look along the way for some spectacular waterfalls.  Walk along the miles of empty beaches in peace and relaxation.  There are plenty of cute hotels along with spectacular views.  La Cusigna Lodge is a nice hotel located near Uvita. 

Day 4--two nights stay

maneul 2.jpg

Photo taken at Parrita Palo Verde Region

4. Head to Arenal Volcano Region.

After your Pacific beach time, go to the Volcano region of Arenal. It is a must see. My favorite Hot spring hotel is Tabacon because their hot springs are natural. You can relax in the warm waters while exotic flowers showcase their bloom. The surrounding hotels offer affordable rooms and hot springs but they look like regular pools that you would see at any hotel. It is still wonderful, but, in my opinion not as memorable. 

Tip: I prefer to go for one day only to experience the hot springs especially  at Tabacon.

Day 5 --one night stay

onlyhappythings_com hammock (2).jpg

5. Enjoy a fun day at a Luxury hotel in Arenal.

Now that you did the rustic drive from beach to beach, sweated out your toxins and watched monkeys jump from tree to tree,  it's time for a luxury hotel all inclusive experience. Here you will relax, eat tropical fruit and chill out.  And when you get tired of relaxing, a sporty adventure awaits you on the resort property. This hotel offers canopy, spa, hot spring pools, easy river tubing on the resort property. 

Day 6 --one night stay (hotels are near each other)  or any less expensive hotels in the area.

Onlyhappythings_com  arenal hot springs

Photo taken at The Springs Resort and Spa

by Kryssia Quesada

6. End your trip on the Pacific Coast at a Luxury Hotel.

Now that you did the rustic drive from beach to beach, sweated out your toxins and watched monkeys jump from tree to tree; it's time for a luxury hotel all inclusive experience. Enjoy your tropical drinks and watch the sun set on the Pacific beach. There are several hotels to choose from along the Pacific coast, Andaz is my favorite.  

Day 7  - three nights stay

Onlyhappythings_com luxury.jpg
Do as much as you can and get dirty in Costa Rica.
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