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Hotel Clandestino

Palo Verde Beach / Parrita Area

Located in Parrita Pacific side of Costa Rica.  This beach is called Playa Seco. You can see the layout of the area where the hotel is in the middle of both bodies of water.  The beach to the front of the hotel and the mangrove is behind it. There you can also enjoy a quiet tour of the mangrove natural wildlife on a tour boat. 

Hotel Karahe

Manuel Antonio 

Located on Manuel Antonio Beach. One of the only beach front hotels on the beach.  It is an economical stay that offers breakfast, lunch and dinner, air conditioned rooms and cabins on top of the hill for spectacular beach views. To be honest, there will be other hotels in Manuel Antonio that are nicer; however, this hotel is recommended based on logistics.  The other higher end hotels are far from the beach, where you have to taxi or uber and they may over charge.  Plus, it is wonderful easy walk to the beach in 5 mins with a cocktail in hand anytime of day and night. 

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