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Arenal Volcano Costa RicaIMG_2410.JPG

5 Beautiful Regions/Province of Costa Rica

By Kryssia Quesada Creet  2023

Caribbean /Tortuguero/ Limon

map of limon small.png

Puntarenas Province

Puntarenas Province Region is located on the south part of the country along the west and east sides.  Drive along the coast for some spectacular sunset views and waterfalls.  Towns range from west called Parrita to Uvita which is heading east. 

Clandestino-Beach-Palo ariel view_edited
Palo Verde Parrita
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Manuel Antonio Beach Onlyhappythings 301
white face monkey
puntarenas region onlyhappythings

Guanacaste Region

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sunset mariott night
onlyhappythings_com hilton Guanacaste
Guanacaste traditional
map of cr Guanacaste region
Boriquen happy travel Only happy things 2023
guancaste Region
Papagayo area beach

Guanacaste Region / Province is a lovely area where Congos greet you in the morning and shooting stars come out at night.  Home to Papagayo region, luxury hotels and traditional Guanacasteco style, Guanacaste is a very popular destination from 5 star resorts to  


The Springs Resort and Spa in Costa Rica onlyhappythings IMG_2461 speings
Arenal Volcano Costa RicaIMG_2410
Onlyhappythings_com  arenal hot springs resort _edited
onlyhappythings_com rainforest

Alajuela is another region where the famous Arenal Volcano lives- the province of Alajuela, canton of San Carlos, and district of La Fortuna.  It is home to hot springs, warmer temperatures and fun adventures. It is a great place to vacation for a few days and enjoy the spectacular views. Another popular Volcano is Volcan Poas. There you can walk along a trail to the top and get amazing views of the active crater steam and it is only an hour and half from San Jose capital.

Cartago Region

Cartago is east of San Jose and is the original area of Costa Rica before the Spanish colonized further West.  It is also home to Turrialba, a region full of rolling hills, green pastures, diary farms and Turrialba Volcano.  Located higher in altitude, Turrialba can be on the cooler side compared to Guanacaste, but if you drive down the valley the tropical sun can make you sweat.  It is an area full of rich soil, rivers for white water rafting, lush tropical forests where the cloud meet the mountains. 

5. Do as much as you can and get dirty in Costa Rica.
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